Praise for “The Uncanny Adventures of Dill, Will and Toucan Bill”

“In this delightfully engaging tale, Dill, Will and Toucan Bill set out on an epic journey of joyful curiosity, gratified at every turn by exciting discoveries, and imaginative narrative twists. The three endearing protagonists embark, with irrepressible motivation, on an odyssey through many locales, some Earthly, some whimsical, with immense curiosity, and creativity. Rosemary Werrett addresses themes of friendship, learning, and environmental conservation, through a unique blend of education and fantasy. I whole-heartedly recommend this book for its ability to entertain children, spark their wonder about the world, and provide a starting point for conversations among school classes and families.

Chris Major, Founder, Pantomonium Productions, Community Theater for Children

“The Uncanny Adventures of Dill, Will and Toucan Bill” is extremely delightful and full of surprises that will keep a young mind’s imagination just humming with exotic images and wanderings. I love the fact that the squirrel keeps her tail brushed and always has a basket of sandwiches. Peanut butter seems to be the favorite. The navigational talents of the diaphanous cloud girl Carla are amazing. This story is so fun and fanciful. William the Shake, who interjects with pithy comments, writes silly plays that add to the adventures. The travelling aspect is really wondrous and will expand a young person’s imagination. Congratulations on such a powerful work.

John Davenport, Teacher and Poet

Dill, Bill, and Toucan Bill you must meet, and when you do, adventure awaits you. This book is a testament to the notion that we can travel with our imagination, it will invite you to dream about places and choose how to get there: Carla the Cloud may take you! Inspired by their love for new experiences, Dill and her friends go on discovering different and amazing people, cultures, animals, characters, and geographies.

A book for all ages where the concept of Global Citizenship turns to life through the pages, illustrating and elevating values such as friendship, gratitude, curiosity, and empathy.

Dina Buchbinder, Founder, Education for Sharing, An NGO Devoted to Helping Children Become Responsible Citizens

“The Uncanny Adventures of Dill, Will and Toucan Bill” by Rosemary Werrett is sure to please both parents and children. Imaginative and instructive, the book will open a child’s eyes to the wonders of travel and certainly give parents an opportunity to relive and recount their own travel experiences.

The characters in this charming book will delight readers. Each one is not only lovable and sympathetic, but keenly intelligent and open to adventure. Dill, an inquisitive squirrel armed with a geography book, sets out with her friends, Toucan Bill and William Shakespeare, to investigate earth and space. Readers will love the descriptions of such exciting places as the Amazon River, Siberia, Samarkand and the Milky Way.

The Uncanny Adventures, however, is not a simple travel log. In each new adventure our crew is faced with challenges to overcome, hostilities to be resolved and lessons to be learned, many to do with diversity and cultural differences.

Each chapter seemed to me to be a perfect bedtime story, a way for young readers to drift off into dreams of beautiful far-away places. I can also see each chapter inspiring parents and children to open an atlas or go online to plan their own adventures far or close to home.

The book is attractively illustrated and printed.

Sheila Breen Urquidi, Author, The Alma Jaramillo Mystery Series

After a year spent quarantining at home we have all learned the power of travel and exploration after being unable to do so. What a joy to inhabit the world of winsome Dill and her compatriots, and join her on her incredible journey from the understory of the Amazon to the steppes of Kazakhstan. We could all learn a thing or two from Dill”s pluck, Will’s wisdom and Bill’s camaraderie. And the next time I stand in line at TSA, I will dream of traveling on the benevolent Carla the Cloud. I encourage everyone to join this troupe on their incredible journeys around the world!

Chloe Malle, Writer and Vogue Contributing Editor

“The Uncanny Adventures of Dill, Will and Toucan Bill” is a quirky charming cheerfully-illustrated fantasy romp about a perky squirrel named Dill, a ready-for-adventure Central Park statue of William Shakespeare and their new-found friend, happy boisterous Toucan Bill, whom they meet after hitching a ride on a friendly cloud that flys them down to Brazil for an exotic vacation full of new friends. A fun and playful read!

Jennifer Berne, Author of the Award-Winning Children’s Book “On Wings of Words”

Rosemary Werrett takes young readers on a globe-trotting adventure sure to awaken their interest in far-off places.

But after circling the globe, her intrepid heroine, a squirrel named Dill, also learns that there’s no place like home.

That’s especially true when home is a leafy chestnut tree in New York City’s Central Park with friends galore.

Magda Bogin, Founder and Executive Director, Under the Volcano Writers’ Residency Program