About the Author

Rosemary Werrett

Author and Traveler

She Writes Her Characters Around the World

Rosemary Werrett is an international financial journalist who has traveled the world, interviewing business and political leaders on key issues of the day. She has always savored the excitement of visiting new places and experiencing different cultures, not to mention listening to and writing about diverse points of view. Now, she has invented a cast of winsome characters who are her proxies for traveling the globe.


Her favorite subject for the countless magazine and newspaper articles she has written has been Latin America, but her global horizons have also brought her to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and India. Some of her experiences are fancifully reimagined in The Uncanny Adventures of Dill, Will and Toucan Bill. Of course, the three adventurers have minds of their own, and they find exotic places further afield than Rosemary’s journeys.


About the Book

The Uncanny Adventures of Dill, Will and Toucan Bill

A Squirrel, a Poet and a Big Bird Hop on a Magic Cloud to Explore Un-Heard of Places

“The Uncanny Adventures of Dill, Will and Toucan Bill” tells the story of three winsome characters who travel around the globe and even up to the cosmos to discover the marvels of the world. Dill is a pretty, perky squirrel who regularly consults her world geography book to locate exotic destinations. Her neighbor in Central Park, in New York City, is Will, who is the Will of Shakespeare. He enjoys travel and the opportunity it provides to find material for new plays. On a trip to Brazil, Dill and Will meet Toucan Bill, a happy boisterous healing bird, who returns with them to live in Central Park. There, he moves into a 5th Avenue building occupied by eight Red-Tailed Hawks.





“In this delightfully engaging tale, Dill, Will and Toucan Bill set out on an epic journey of joyful curiosity, gratified at every turn by exciting discoveries, and imaginative narrative twists. The three endearing protagonists embark, with irrepressible motivation, on an odyssey through many locales, some Earthly, some whimsical, with immense curiosity, and creativity. Rosemary Werrett addresses themes of friendship, learning, and environmental conservation, through a unique blend of education and fantasy. I whole-heartedly recommend this book for its ability to entertain children, spark their wonder about the world, and provide a starting point for conversations among school classes and families.

Chris Major, Founder, Pantomonium Productions, Community Theater for Children

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